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Transform your technology workforce.
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We prepare your teams for mission-critical projects with instructor-led training. We shorten the learning curve so your software, IT, and data professionals can contribute quickly to time-sensitive projects. You can share your agenda and we can help you to assess the requirements and propose the agenda. You may wish to provide tailored bespoke training programs for each team or even different training for each employee role in your organization. Where appropriate, we will create bespoke online assessments to help establish the individual staff aspirations and their training needs. Once the requirement has been established course programs will be developed specifically for your organization. These can be online, classroom based or a combination of both. Different employees can be provided with different learning paths. Cyber Security, Big data. BlockChain, DevOps, AWS, Web Development, 5 G, Azure, Linux , Oracle, Digital Marketing . VMware and Coding.



An employee  who is taking up his job for the first time must become familiar with it. For example, if a fresh graduate is appointed as a Cyber Security Analyst, he must first of all gain knowledge of the work assigned to him. For this, basic training is needed. Without any basic training the individual will not be able to do his work. If the employee is efficient in tools like Wireshark, Burpsuite, Open VAS, NMap , that will be an additional advantage at work.

Similarly at Diana’s we have efficient Instructors with specialized technologies that will enable the employees to take up their responsibilities at work more efficiently. 


Training is not something needed for the newly recruited staff alone. Even the existing employees of a concern may require training. Such training enables them to update their skill and knowledge.


Training is essential for an employee who has just been promoted to a higher level job. With an elevation in his position in the organization, his responsibilities are also going to multiply. Training, in the case of such an employee, will help to understand the intricacies of his new job.


Sometimes an employee may have to gain knowledge of several related jobs. It will not be enough if he is only good in the work he does presently. For example, a clerk in a bank must be able to serve in different sections, e.g. saving bank, fixed deposit, loan, foreign exchange, cash and so on


  • This type of training gets employees away from their work environment to a place where their frustrations and bustle of work are eliminated. This more relaxed environment can help employees to absorb more information as they feel less under pressure to perform.
  • Training serves as a source to supply the latest information, current trends, skills and techniques for example current computer software or computerized technologies of improved/innovative administrative procedures. These new skills can be brought back and utilized within the company.
  • Experts in their field would cover these courses and this would mean that training for staff members would be taught to a reasonable standard.
  • As the courses are held internally, our company would not have added costs incurred as a result of extra equipment or additional space.
  • Sending an employee on a course could help to make an employee fee more valued as they would feel as if they are receiving quality training.
  • As many courses or seminars invite employees from other companies to  attend, this would allow employees to network and perhaps drum-up business.
  • Task based: Since training courses are also incorporated by lab tasks, training tends to be focused on performing the tasks/online assignments.
  • As every trainee learns the work from a senior employee of the same organization, the training will be more relevant to the specific organizational needs


Training, certainly, results in improvement in the skill and knowledge of the individual. This helps the employee to perform his job much better. This benefits the enterprise as well.

If an enterprise has a team of well trained employees, it will be able toexpand its production. There will be a rise not only in production in terms of number of units but also in productivity. Productivity is the input-output ratio.

Trained employees are aware of the safety precautions to be taken while at work. They are always alert and cautious. This is bound to bring down the number of accidents in the workplace.

Trained employees will be able to make better use of software and utilities. It was surprising when in one of our surveys conducted by Diana’s in one of the Corporate banks, the clerk was working in MS Excel but did not fully know the features the updated tool has to provide like the Power Query tool recently updated. Frequent training at such a crucial workspace would keep knowledge of the employees updated.

Trained workers do not resist change. They have the capacity to adapt themselves to any kind of situation. They are good in crisis management too.This indeed is beneficial for the organization.

Well-trained employees are able to perform their jobs with a higher degree of skill. This increases their level of self-confidence and commitment to work. Such employees are bound to have a higher level of job satisfaction.

Well-trained employees do not need much supervision. They can do their work without having to approach their superiors often for guidance. This Enables the superior to manage more employees. In other words, he can have a wider span. This reduces the cost of supervision.

Only bad workers blame the tools. An employee who has acquired the necessary skill and job knowledge would certainly love his job. Such an employee does not complain about anyone and anything.

With trained workers working under them, it becomes easy for the managers to get things done by delegating authority. This enables the manager to concentrate more on important issues confronting the organization. Thus, provision of training for employees gives the managers the scope to practice the technique of Management by Exception.

More selection and induction are not sufficient to procure proper  personnel for the organization. It is only training that makes him available for the given job. Besides, promising candidates can also be brought into the light

If an organization has a team of trained employees it can face future challenges easily. The employees of today are going to be managers tomorrow.The retirement of key managers may not affect the stability of an organization if it has a team of trained, efficient and committed employees who are ever ready to take over management.

The quantity of spoiled work or wastage is also reduced significantly. It leads to reduction in the cost of production.

Scientific training reduces the labor turnover and introduces stability and flexibility of employees. If employees are given training for various jobs,short-term adjustments can be made in times of need by transferring one employee from one department to another

Training also motivates employees to work hard. Employees who understand the job are likely to have higher morale. They are able to maintain a closer relationship between their effort and performance.

Training reduces the learning time considerably. The employees need not indulge in trial and error methods or self training. Besides, the training cost and waste of time are also reduced to the minimum.

Why Choose DIANA ?

We boost learning and reduce training costs

When you choose a learning partner with integrated solutions to meet all of your needs, you’ll be able to stop managing multiple learning providers and start saving tons of time.

Identify and bridge skills gaps with support from data 

With assessments, skills mapping, and user engagement insights, you can easily identify areas for development across your entire organization. Then train employees on exactly what they need to learn next to help drive business results.

Improve employee retention and mobility

We Help drive professional and business growth with personalized learning paths and team training for future-focused skills development.

Improve employee retention and mobility

We Help drive professional and business growth with personalized learning paths and team training for future-focused skills development.


We provide online technical training and Class room programs for I.T. business industries, Our platfrom helps student and
corporate delegates in ADVANCE COURSES with EXCELLENT SKILLS in the latest ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY.

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